We “ talked about ” making more “ Veep ”

The comedy gods have heard your prayers – and just might make them come true. “Veep,” the greatest political comedy of all time, could return, one way or another, in one form or another, if only for a short time.

“We certainly discussed it,” star Julia-Louis Dreyfus told Molly Jong-Fast in the latest episode of The new abnormal. “Everyone’s gone now and everyone’s doing other projects and so on. But I’m not ruling it out entirely, doing some sort of “Veep” thing. I mean, there’s one area we could come back to. I think [showrunner] Dave [Mandel] and I talked about it.

Mandel adds: “We got off just enough as if there were time skips in there that you certainly could -“

“Come back in”, suggests Dreyfus.

“Yeah. You can sort of color in and answer a few questions. So I think anything is possible,” Mandel says.

Not so long ago, Mandel and Dreyfus wondered aloud how it was possible to politically satire with Trump in the White House. How do you parody a parody?

Now Dreyfus says, “There is always an opportunity for satire and we hope that with the Biden administration, you know, things will sort of calm down and then we can be the most outrageous.”

“Yeah. It takes a basis of normalcy. And if we can get back to it, if we can get back to a time when you don’t think about the president every six minutes, I think maybe we can get back to some good political satire. old-fashioned, ”Mandel adds.“ But [the Trumpists] made it difficult. They raise the bar of stupidity every day. So it was very difficult to overcome stupidity. You know what I mean?”

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