‘We won. And I feel like shit

James Carville, like the rest us, has mixed emotions right now. After getting all kinds poll data saying Democrats would clean up, the truth is… well, the opposite has happened.

The gap between expectations and reality was so big, even Joe Biden apparently set to take over the White House just seems a little unsatisfying.

“Listen, this is the biggest election my life, before my life. And I wake up in the morning, we won the popular vote and we are going to win the Electoral College. And I want shit, ”Carville tells Molly Jong-Fast and Rick Wilson the post-election edition The new abnormal.

“Yes, we will have competent cabinet secretaries. And yes, we will have competent ambassadors. And the trains will run on time. And that’s about it, right? It’s something. It is much more than what we have now. But it’s not something close to what we were all hoping for, ”he adds.

Get moving, says Rick to Carville (and the rest us).

is about to arrive at sunset – and sunset, I mean jail – in the immediate future. People should be in a good mood. It’s a resounding victory, ”says Rick, predicting that absentee votes in places like Pennsylvania and Michigan will break Biden’s path.

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