[Webinaire] Investigating the Covid-19 Vaccine Race

More than 200 pharmaceutical companies are currently in the process of developing an effective and safe Covid-19 vaccine and are in the final stages of their accelerated trials. Equity markets are making significant obligations at every vaccine announcement, governments rush to sign early supply agreements, and international organizations are organizing to ensure rapid distribution. But developing a safe and effective vaccine – especially in such a short time frame – is very difficult. So the questions journalists investigating the vaccine race must ask themselves are many: How rigorous are the scientific methods used by pharmaceutical companies? What level of evidence was it used? How tall was the breeder? Are there any conflicts of interest? Public expectations are very high. Covering the vaccine race in a precise and informed manner is therefore a major challenge. During this webinar, a researcher in the field of health services related to pharmaceutical products and an investigative investigation specializing in health enlightened us on the red flags to look for before and after evaluating a vaccine. . They also tell us how to evaluate a scientific study and give us tips on how to avoid common pitfalls in medical study coverage. Only the interventions of the speakers have original value. Interpretation is only intended to facilitate communication. You can find the original video in English on our Youtube channel. Follow us on @gijnfr on Twitter for the dates of the next webinars.
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