‘We’ve won it a lot’: Trump opens up about voter fraud in Pennsylvania Senate public hearing | NTD

President Trump: “Thank you very much. I watched the audience on OANN and a few other major networks. But I really appreciate being asked to speak. I’m currently in the Oval Office and it’s very interesting to see what’s going on. It was an election that we won easily. We have won it a lot. President Donald Trump called for about 10 minutes. During the call, he said a lot of evidence related to voter fraud is coming in – so much so that, in his own words, it hits the ceiling. And he encouraged his supporters not to be intimidated by threats and to push them away as his legal team continues their work. President Trump: “This is a very important moment in the history of our country. And you are doing a tremendous service to our country. Don’t worry about bravery, because the people who talk the most aren’t the ones you need to worry about. They are all talkative, they intimidate. Don’t be intimidated by these people; they are bad people; these are people who do not like our country. »#VoterFraud #Trump #Pennsylvania ——————— 💎Subscribe to NTD: 💎NTD Support: 💎You’re looking for real news that doesn’t spin facts? Try our sister media outlet The Epoch Times digital for $ 1: 💎Sign the petition to investigate, condemn and reject the Chinese Communist Party ▶ ️ Watch us on cable ☛ NTD America: Verizon Fios® TV, Channel 158 For more information and videos, visit ☛ Follow us on Twitter ☛ Follow us on Talk ☛ Like us on Facebook ☛ Contact us: ——————— Watch more : NTD News Today NTD Evening News NTD Business How the specter of communism runs our world Featured videos on NTDs.

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