‘What else can they do?’

Brian Kilmeade, who spent much of 2020 condemning Black Lives Matter and the ‘antifa’ protesters as a co-host of Fox and friends, now defends heavily armed members of far-right groups like the Proud Boys and Patriot Prayer who attempted to storm the Oregon State Capitol this week.

On her Tuesday morning radio show, Kilmeade joined anchor Trace Gallagher on Fox News, who read a quote one of the protesters gave to The Daily Beast on Monday: “I am here to support the constitutional rights of Oregon people and business [owners]. These people are unemployed and their lives are ruined by this situation and especially by a government which seems to have adopted totalitarian views.

“Obviously this person and a lot of others have had enough,” said Gallagher, before asking, “Are protests the way to express your frustration, in your opinion, Brian?

Kilmeade began by noting that the Oregon state government originally planned to allow most businesses to reopen on Jan. 2, 2021, but extended that date by two months due to the uncontrollable spread of COVID- 19 there and elsewhere in the country.

“There are demonstrations everywhere,” he said. “I ask you, what else can they do? They had the legislative meeting where they decide their future. You introduce yourself! I am not for violence, but I am for appearing in numbers. Especially since lawmakers can see the faces of those they shut down, perhaps forever? “

Next, Kilmeade made his contrast to leftist protests against police brutality and systemic racism explicit. “Do you know what’s different between those riots in Oregon and the riots in Seattle?” He asked. “They are not against America. They want to work in America. They want to live the American dream. “

“And I imagine they lived it until they were stopped by a pandemic, coming from China,” Kilmeade continued, “but they doubled and tripled the pain by the terrible leadership of mayors and governors, for example in Oregon.

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