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What is Michigan Secretary of State Benson hiding? Why is it not complying with subpoenas and delaying production of requested material?

Last night, attorney Matt DePerno released a number of documents related to his work in Michigan. In his documentation, he discusses the Michigan Secretary of State trying to miss the discovery time.

Last night, Michigan attorney Mathew DePerno released damning documents related to his work in Antrim Country:

In a document (Collective response to requests for protection order 040921), Deperno discusses the actions of Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson. We recently reported that George Soros supported Benson’s decision not to speak in the Michigan about the election:

Michigan Secretary of State, linked to Soros, refuses to testify before Michigan on state election audit process

In Deperno’s on page five, Deperno notes the following about Benson:

Why is the Secretary of State of one of the largest states in the Union trying to scramble and delay the work of who want to uncover the truth behind the 2020 elections in her state? She must be hiding something.

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