What is the anti-vaccine movement and what does it mean for Covid vaccines?

The anti-vaccine movement has been around since the beginning of mass vaccinations. But anti-vaxxers have gained ground in recent years, with cases of vaccine-preventable diseases like measles increasing sharply. The 2020 pandemic and the development of a COVID-19 vaccine have further fueled anti-vaccine fears and feelings around the world. One in three respondents said they would not get a COVID vaccine, according to an Ipsos survey for the World Economic Forum. What are vaccine skeptics afraid of? Take a closer look at the history of the anti-vaccine movement, vaccine rumors, and whether they will affect future use of the COVID-19 vaccine. We talk to both supporters and opponents of vaccination. 0:00 – The anti-vaccine movement 1:19 – Would you like to take a Covid vaccine? 2:00 p.m. – Who are the anti-vaxxers? 3:04 – Concerns about vaccines 3:28 – Anti-vax celebrities 4:31 – Freedom to choose? 5:03 – Measles outbreaks 5:53 – Origins of the anti-vaccine movement 6:53 – Anti-vaxxers during the pandemic 7:55 – The future of a vaccine Covid RT Documentary offers you in-depth documentary films on topics which does not leave anyone indifferent. It’s not just front page articles and world events, but issues that go beyond the headlines. Social and environmental issues, shocking traditions, intriguing personalities, history, sport and more – we have documentaries for everyone. RT Documentary film crews travel far and wide to bring you diverse and compelling stories. Discover the world with us! SUBSCRIBE TO RTD Channel to get firsthand documentaries! FOLLOW US RTD WEBSITE: RTD ON TWITTER: RTD ON FACEBOOK: RTD ON INSTAGRAM RTD LIVE.
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