What Kind of People Terrify the Children of a COVID Hero?

AAnti-rmed mask protesters who dare to call themselves patriots again arrived outside the home of Ada County Commissioner Diana Lachiondo in Idaho early Tuesday night.

The 40-year-old Boise native was at her desk, preparing to vote by Zoom on a mask warrant that would help defend this corner of America as we face the deadliest threat in our history. Her doctor husband was at work and her recently widowed mother was walking the dog.

So the two boys from Lachiondo, aged 12 and 8, were alone inside the tidy one-story house when their curving suburban street lawns filled with noises of people aggressively betraying our country during ‘an unprecedented national emergency. The demonstrators had already come to denounce as a threat to their freedom any obligation to take a proven precaution to save the lives of their American compatriots. The growing darkness fills with the sounds of their irrational fury.

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