What Trump can learn from past concession speeches

Since 1896, it has been an American tradition for candidates to publicly concede an election – until the 2020 presidential race. In the event that President Trump finally gives in to winner Joe Biden, we looked at some past speeches from former candidates, like John McCain, Hilary Clinton and Mitt Romney, to show him how it is done. MORE 2020 ELECTION COVERAGE: Americans Respond to Joe Biden’s Appointment of President-Elect, From Celebrations To Protests What Election Night Was Like In Trump And Biden’s Backyards To What Election Protests Look Like In States -Unis —————————————- #Speech #Concession #InsiderNews Insider a mission to inform and inspire. Subscribe to our channel and visit us on: Insider on Facebook: Insider on Twitter: Insider on Instagram: Insider on Snapchat: Insider on Amazon Prime: Insider on TikTok: How to Conceive a Presidential Election.

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