When he’s not crying, even Trump is bored at his latest gatherings

In the first rally of his last three days of campaigning against what he calls “Sleepy Joe,” President Donald Trump couldn’t help but look tired.

During his election campaign in Newtown, Bucks County, the President was visibly overpowered, delivering one of his most lazy and boring rallying speeches in recent memory. Devoid of his standard energy and drive, Trump worked his way through his prepared and improvised remarks on how Hunter Biden’s emails and the history of overseas transactions were somehow the “most”. great ”history of the country, a country ravaged by Trump’s own mismanagement of the coronavirus crisis and an economic implosion.

He laughed The New York Times for “apologizing” to his readers for something or other. He accused his enemies during his “little special speech” which he himself described as trying to “silence his voice.” He spoke of the “riots,” the politicians who “let Minneapolis burn,” and the progressive, left-wing educators who wanted American schoolchildren to be “brainwashed” with a story that emphasizes more issues such as the horrors of the slavery. (His solution? “Patriotic education,” whatever that means.) He didn’t care about the size of the crowds former President Barack Obama was attracting recently to support the current Democratic candidate. And he, of course, laughed at “Joe Biden, who’s not all there,” to laughter from the crowd.

He vowed that a second term of his presidency would see tougher “tough on crime” policies and appointments, and in the same breath trashed Biden for defending the 1994 “crime bill” and for being too harsh on crime and black communities.

But it was all shallow and listless, showing none of the hunger or motivation Trump used to sell his MAGA gatherings as rock concerts for cultural conservatives, maskless Fox Business fans, and restrictive zealots of the immigration. “He did so many of these [recently]. You’d be tired too, ”a senior Trump 2020 assistant told the Daily Beast near the end of that first rally. “The president hates [media] coverage of him appearing on low energy, so I expect that to change quickly.

By the time the second event of the day in Pennsylvania unfolded, the president apparently received the note and the help was confirmed – but only a little.

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