When it comes to clues, what’s in a name?

Rebecca tulis

Did you know the name EMMA CORRIN from Wednesday’s puzzle? She is the 24-year-old actress who plays Princess Diana in season 4 of The crown, which begins today.

This is by far his biggest role to date, so many solvers will not know his name yet. Does that make her just a puzzle game? The answer is, “Yes, if the passages are right.”

EMMA is a common name, so even solvers unfamiliar with it won’t have a hard time getting it from the crossword. But CORRIN is an uncommon name, so it is especially important for the builder to ensure that the six clues and responses crossing it are unambiguous and easy. There are a lot of surnames, so a mystery letter could leave a solver with, for example, DORRIN, CORBIN or CORREN.

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