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Trump administration sources confirmed to the National File that President Donald Trump’s most vocal advocates in the White House have determined that the US code and the Constitution contain language that compels Vice President Mike Pence to reject certificates illegal Electoral College, but Pence must act by no later than Wednesday 23 December.

The editors of this White House memo believe that federal control of state elections rests with Vice President Mike Pence in his role as Speaker of the Senate. In addition, Pence has the exclusive power to decide whether to reject banned electoral states. However, Pence is legally required to do so on the fourth Wednesday in December, which this year falls on December 23.

National File sources at the White House said the note was requested by members of the president’s circle who most wanted to see the 2020 election and its fallout administered in the most transparent way possible. They also indicate that efforts to find a way to verify the integrity of the 2020 election are not only coming from the White House, but are also coming from many agencies in the administration.

The emergence of the memo could mark a decisive shift in Pence’s roles, our sources explain. In the days immediately following the election, Pence has remained relatively silent about President Trump and his legal team.

Investigative reporter Patrick Howley joins Owen in the War Room to discuss various topics, including Mike Pence’s upcoming decision to save or surrender the United States.

The revelation that only Pence can reject the allegedly fraudulent Electoral College certificates dramatically distracts President Trump and Congressional leaders by putting President Trump’s electoral fate squarely on Pence’s shoulders.

The note will likely interfere with Pence’s travel plans, as the vice president recently announced his plans to visit Israel for two weeks after Jan.6, when he will chair a joint session of Congress, according to the Times of Israel.

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What’s inside the memo

Pence can refuse certificates from constituencies in states where voter fraud is prevalent.

Article II, Section 1 of the Constitution of the United States requires that “each state shall appoint, as the legislature of that state may order, a number of electors.” Therefore, the documents (or “slates”) that states have attempted to submit to the President of the Senate and the Archivist of the United States are not voting certificates and legal lists authorized by voters, as noted in Title 3, USC, Sections 9 and 11. Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin have violated the art of the US Constitution. 2, S.1, Cl.2 and 14th Amendment, Section 1, Equal protection clause in the administration of their elections, thus rendering their lists ineligible.

On December 14, states conducted a fraudulent and constitutionally deficient certification of their voters, as required by 3 USC 7. Federal and state authorities have uncovered overwhelming evidence of voter fraud and irregularities since November 4, probably reaching the level of criminal elections fraud and public corruption. Civil courts have rejected these claims procedurally rather than substantively.

Pence must then notify the secretary of state of each contested state that he has until Jan. 6 to send in a legal certificate from the Electoral College.

The President of the Senate, as Vice President, statutorily sits on the National Security Council and is aware of information that no other individual in the presidential electoral process has – neither the States, nor the SCOTUS, nor the Congress. American. This specifically includes all of the classified evidence and assessments that emanate from OE 13848 regarding foreign interference in the US elections. Therefore, the Speaker of the Senate is uniquely qualified to pass judgment on unauthorized voters.

This is not an option for Pence. If he intends to follow the law from December 23 to January 6, he must instruct these states to remedy their electoral college certificates.

JUDGMENT: All of the above factors inform and contribute to the Vice President’s analysis in deciding that he, as the representative of the federal seat of government, did not “receive” a constitutionally authorized voters list. For this reason it is not only the obligation to ask States to send certificates and lists as required by Title 3, USC, Sections 9 and 11 of voters who have been appointed in the way that state legislatures have led as soon as possible, he is also the only plenary power that has the power to make that decision.

The writers of the memo also tell the National File that, assuming the six disputed states – Pennsylvania, Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Wisconsin and Nevada – do not remedy their Electoral College certificates by selecting them to the legislature or by holding another election, President Trump will prevail in the Electoral College.

As there will no longer be 538 possible electoral votes, as several states have disqualified themselves by refusing to comply, President Trump will have accumulated 232 voters against Joe Biden’s 227.


Sample letter for Secretaries of State

The memo also contains a sample letter, according to our sources, which Pence could sign at any time on December 23.

The national file first covered Pence’s responsibility to act legally on December 23 last weekend. So far, National File has been unable to locate any relevant public comment from Pence or his surrogates.

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