White supremacist Chad Bagwell reportedly had list of authorities to kill and Doxx: unsealed dossier

When members of a white supremacist street fighting gang were accused of participating in a deadly riot, travel companions on the Gab website had a suggestion: doxx the US officials involved in the case, or maybe just kill them.

A new unsealed search warrant request from October 2018 reveals that the federal government was interested in threats to federal law enforcement on the extremist social network. The threats concerned a Department of Justice official, a US lawyer, a prosecutor and others involved in a federal case against members of the white supremacist movement Rise Above. Months earlier, one of the Gab users involved had also aided doxx a blogger, attracting the attention of another user who would later be accused of slaughtering worshipers at a Pittsburgh synagogue.

The warrant sought information – including private messages and IP information – on Chad Bagwell, a man from Alabama who posted on Gab and attended at least one white supremacist rally under his own name. The investigation appears to have started when Bagwell suggested another Gab user, doxx (i.e. revealing private information about) federal officials, specifically to the Department of Justice.

The cancellation of the seal on the search warrant this week came at the right time: earlier this month at least 15 people were arrested in connection with three alleged right-wing plots to kidnap local or state officials. Two of the conspiracies, which targeted Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer, were organized online.

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