White supremacists discussed shooting power grids, forming ‘fascist society’, says FBI in affidavit

A group of white supremacists have sounded the alarm bells with the FBI discussing ways to attack the nation’s power grid in the event President Trump loses re-election, according to an unsealed search warrant affidavit mistakenly obtained by the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel.

The three men – described as a 17-year-old from Ohio, a student at Purdue University and a man from Wisconsin – reportedly ended up on FBI radar in late 2019 after a Canadian carrying guns with ” Nazi “and” White Power “Pictures on His Phone Were Barred From Entering the United States

The Canadian then allegedly told US border officials he was trying to visit the Ohio teenager, whom he had met and with whom he was communicating through an encrypted app. In light of some of the content on the Canadian’s phone – including a discussion of getting student loans to facilitate ‘off-grid’ training – his plans raised red flags with federal investigators, who began examining the group he had chatted with.

It was not immediately clear whether federal investigators believed the men were likely to implement any of the schemes they discussed. Details set out in the affidavit paint a picture of a motley group of men from different backgrounds fantasizing about extravagant plans to, as one would have put it, “wreak havoc” across the country. .

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