Who benefits? Amazon explodes as lockdown crushes small businesses in Britain – Dateway

Reform Party leader Nigel Farage has warned the UK is heading for ‘mass business bankruptcies’ and’ massive unemployment ‘as Jeff Bezos and Amazon reap the rewards of Prime Minister Boris’ second nationwide lockdown Johnson.

During the Chinese coronavirus pandemic, Amazon saw its third quarter profits triple to $ 6.3 billion (£ 4.8 billion), with a 37% increase in worldwide sales, largely thanks to locks introduced by governments around the world preventing consumers from visiting physical stores.

In the UK, the tech giant plans to hire some 20,000 seasonal workers over the Christmas period, while many small businesses remain closed and locked up.

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Founder of consulting firm NBK Retail, Natalie Berg said The temperature: “Amazon received Christmas on a silver platter”, adding: “It is the clear winner of the pandemic.”

Reform Party leader Nigel Farage said on Monday his email was “stuffed” with “letters from small businesses, letters from independent traders, letters from traders, and they all say the same thing they don’t mean be able to survive this second lockdown ”.

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