WHO is rewriting history – says ‘herd immunity’ only results from mass vaccination

WHO is starting over. It is now said that the only way to achieve collective immunity against COVID-19 is through mass vaccination, bypassing natural immunity.

Over a year ago, we found out that the WHO was releasing on garbage. WHO’s Dr Tedros said the death rate from the Chinese coronavirus (COVID-19) was close to 3.4%. This was a grossly exaggerated number and we provided evidence for our analysis:

EXCLUSIVE: Evidence shows World Health Organization Director General severely overestimated coronavirus death rate, leading to biggest global panic in history

A year and a half later, we were right. WHO endorsed our March 2020 analysis:

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WHO finally confirms that our March analysis was correct: WHO’s early coronavirus death rate was irresponsibly overestimated and we called them with the right !

Now the WHO is again making false claims. The WHO now says the only way to gain herd immunity against the Chinese coronavirus is through vaccination. They totally forgot or ignore the natural immunity to COVID-19:

L’immunité naturelle ne doit pas être oubliée ni annulée. Se faire vacciner n’est pas le seul moyen de parvenir à l’immunité collective. L’immunité naturelle existe depuis des générations.

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