Whoa! Distressed Democrat cries after voting for ‘pedophile’ Biden – Dateway

A Fox News The reporter captured footage of a Democratic voter extremely upset over his decision to pick Joe Biden over President Trump.

In the video, which has gone viral since its publication on Saturday, a woman who just finished voting for Joe Biden struggles to explain why she supports him.

“I’m a voter for Biden because …” the woman began before choking and saying, “I’m sorry, I’m going to cry.” Whenever I want to talk about it, I can’t. “

“We are COVID survivors,” she said before becoming too emotional to speak again.

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the Fox The journalist then asked the woman: “What policies of her [Biden] do you resonate with?

Trying to answer, the Democratic voter said, “I resonate with the one who … I can’t.”

“I’m just tired of Trump putting COVID-19 down. I want to take some distance and I have had enough of all his racism, ”she explained before moving on to Joe Biden. “I’m not with Biden either. Because I’ve seen videos of him saying he’s a pedophile, so it’s very confrontational.

Following this strange admission, she pointed out, “But, among the two, we have to choose the best, and that’s why I’m with Biden.”

Thus, Democrats would rather vote for someone they believe to be a true pedophile than a president who does not agree with them on the dangerousness of COVID-19.

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