Why So Many Latinos Supported The Man Who Keeps Us Down On Us

Latino voters like to make a grand entrance. They were absent from too much of the political conversation for much of the 2020 election, overlooked by both parties. But they showed up at the time of the count.

And Latinos certainly relied on election night, showing off big for Joe Biden and helping the former vice president claim the lion’s share of the 10 states where Latinos have a big footprint.

Before getting to politics, here’s a little lesson in geography. Latin America is based in the Southwest, as this is where the Mexicans and Mexican-Americans are located who make up two-thirds of the roughly 60 million Latinos in the United States. It is therefore the de facto capital of Latin America with states such as California, Arizona, Texas, New Mexico, Nevada and Colorado. In the Midwest, you can add Illinois. On the East Coast, you can factor in New York, New Jersey, and Florida. Of those ten Latino states, Joe Biden has won eight. Donald Trump won only two: Florida and Texas.

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