Why the Trumpy Supreme Court will give him the finger

“Since RBG’s death, I have essentially spent the last six weeks in existential terror,” Elie Mystal, justice correspondent for The Nation, told Molly Jong-Fast.

Trump appoints Amy Coney Barrett, so she can hand over the election to President Trump. But now, says Mystal on the latest edition of The new abnormal, “I’m not worried about these stupid lawsuits anymore …”

“Where we are now, this is the best possible position for Biden to push back legal challenges to his new college election victory,” he said. “I have extreme confidence that none of those wacky, crazy trials that the Trump and Trump campaign is launching there will be irrelevant, even before Republican-appointed judges and a Supreme Conservative on the Supreme Court.

“The reason I have such confidence is that Biden wins,” he adds. “You remember back in 2000 where Gore was trying to close a gap, right? Well, Republican courts are probably willing to allow Trump to count as many votes as he needs to close any perceived gap he has. This one thing. Reject votes received on polling day, counted, compiled and reported to the press? Reject those votes because they don’t like who these people voted for? It’s a really different proposition.

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