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The media are quickly trying to pretend Joe Biden is the next president because President Trump has the law – the courts – on his side, according to an analyst.

In particular, the election remains on the line until Dec. 14, when states actually vote at the Electoral College, unless a candidate concedes the race, according to market analyst Graham Summers.

“So unless President Trump concedes by then Joe Biden hasn’t won anything no matter what the media tells you,” he wrote. “Indeed, the media have no say in this, any more than they can decide on the color of the sky; they are just trying to make you angry to keep you watching their horrible shows so they can sell your eyeballs to advertisers. “

“With that in mind, we need to take a step back and assess how this election is likely to go on the basis of the ACT, not public opinion or media propaganda,” he continued. . “Based on the law, it is highly possible and indeed likely that Donald Trump will eventually win the 2020 presidential election.”

Once the courts are involved, Biden’s chances of winning diminish, Summers added, as Trump has evidence on his side, and Biden has only a small “lead” in several states where there is evidence of electoral fraud.

The Supreme Court has already committed by ordering the state of Pennsylvania to separate the ballots that arrived after 8 p.m. on election night, the ballots of which gave Biden an advantage.

Interestingly, there have been reports that several Penn’s. constituencies haven’t, which gives Trump a strong legal edge.

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“And the justices of the Supreme Court are currently 6-3 Conservatives to Liberals. Even if Roberts sided with the Liberals, the Conservatives still hold a 5-4 majority, ”Summers said. “Simply put, the ultimate arbiter in election court decisions favors Trump.”

“Provided he does NOT concede, the odds are greatly favorable to his victory for a second term.”

It should also be noted that Supreme Court Judge Samuel Alito delivered the decision in Pennsylvania without further comment from his fellow judges, suggesting that the court delivered the decision in unison.

Alex Jones is delivering perhaps his most powerful speech to hundreds of thousands of patriots who support President Trump in the United States Supreme Court.

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