Why were the rioters on the Capitol wearing zip ties?

Photos of MAGA Mafia members wearing zip ties and flexible cuffs on the Senate floor sent the country shivering as Americans wondered what the rioters were planning.

It’s unclear why the men dressed in military-style gear wore the restrictions – whether they planned to use them on members of Congress, the police, or counter-protesters. Charged rioters Eric Munchel and Larry Rendall Brock Jr. will now have to answer in federal court for their reasons for being in the Senate with plastic cuffs. But long before headlines appeared on the Senate floor, zippers were a popular extremist piece of equipment that, like military-style helmets, bulletproof vests, and tactical gear, represented the attempts. of the extreme right to imitate and usurp the army and the law. government enforcement functions.

Pro-Trump extremists on The Donald, a MAGA-oriented social media site, urged attendees at “Stop the Steal” rallies to arrest anti-fa members and “oath-breakers” – a term for members of Congress accepting the vote count – and participants said “Flexcuffs are very cheap online. Put a big bundle on your belt like [law enforcement officers] make.”

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