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Former Vice President Joe Biden has not been officially declared the winner of the 2020 presidential election, but that hasn’t stopped him from forming a coronavirus task force. The task force is made up of supporters of increased government control.

One idea Biden and his task force are considering is a four to six week nationwide lockdown. However, a nationwide lockdown would violate Biden’s campaign pledge to “listen to the science.” The evidence regarding lockdowns is so overwhelming that even the World Health Organization (WHO) has been forced to admit the truth: lockdowns do more harm than good.

Lockouts lead to more cases of depression, suicide, domestic violence, and alcohol and drug abuse. The lockdowns also prevent people from going to hospitals or doctors’ offices, leading to the deaths of people because they could not get timely medical assistance.

Biden is also working with governors, mayors and other state and local officials to create a de facto national mask mandate. Biden also said he would mandate the wearing of the mask in all federal buildings and for people traveling between states. A mask warrant for interstate travel could mean you will need to wear a mask on planes, trains, and even when driving in your own car if crossing national lines.

Again, Biden ignores the science. In this , science has shown that most masks are ineffective in preventing the spread of a virus. Medical science also shows that wearing a mask for long periods of time can cause health problems. For example, wearing a mask interferes with good breathing. Long-term wearing of a mask can also cause serious dental problems. Ironically, the main victims of the mask mandates include the low-wage workers Biden and his progressive colleagues claim to care so much about. Many of these workers are required to wear masks at work.

Biden also offered to raise an army of “culturally competent” contact tracers. According to the University of California at San Francisco, which helps train California contact tracers, contract tracers “… ask questions related to topics that can be sensitive, including health, work, living conditions and food resources ”to identify someone who should be quarantined. These contract tracers may also be able to enforce masks or other warrants – including a possible vaccination warrant – helping to ensure that those who refuse to comply are quarantined indefinitely.

Biden isn’t the only politician offering authoritarian “solutions” to the coronavirus. The government in Washington, DC is considering allowing vaccination of children without parental consent. This ignores the science that some people will have a negative reaction even to a generally safe vaccine, so individuals must make their own decision in consultation with their doctor. This is especially important these days, because we are dealing with a vaccine that is rushed into production for political reasons and even the manufacturers admit it will have serious side effects.

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Lockdowns, masks and other authoritarian measures do little or nothing to promote health. Instead, they erode freedom and create their own health problems. Those who know the truth must make Joe Biden and other authoritarians listen to real science. While those most at risk – such as the elderly and those with certain health conditions – might be encouraged to take extra precautions, all Americans should be given the freedom to make their own health decisions. .

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