Windows on board at Detroit absentee ballot counting center – Dateway

Windows are being placed at a mail-counting center in Detroit as observers complain of a lack of transparency.

“The scene at Detroit’s mail-counting center is getting hotter and hotter. The windows are now covered. Allegations of violations. Second. of State says she welcomes challenges, ”tweeted Fox News’ Matt Finn.

The Secretary of State responded by saying that the process had been “bipartisan, transparent and open” from the start.

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Poll watchers say there is an unfair number of Democrats to Republicans and the process is not transparent.

Trump supporters are furious at an alarming number of ballots that change the results of tightly fought swing states.

The Biden campaign prediction that Trump might appear to win overnight, but sending ballots to change the outcome over the next few days appears to be coming true.

The Trump campaign has previously signaled its intention to demand recounts and challenge the result in the Supreme Court.



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