Wine moms forgot to take back America’s democracy and drive it home safely

White women have failed to redeem themselves. Again. In the run-up to this election, there was a lot of talk about white women dropping out of Trump, Trumpism and Trump’s Republican Party in droves. Even the king of denial, Trump himself, bought into this narrative, telling a group in Pennsylvania, “So can I ask you to do me a favor? Suburban women, will you love me? I saved your fucking neighborhood.

Trump didn’t “save” anything, but most white women voted for him anyway. It didn’t fit the pre-election narrative. We have been told over and over again that white women are sorry and wine moms will redeem themselves in 2020. Even I was hopeful, predicting that the president was letting many Americans die in a lost war and in half against the “invisible enemy” of the coronavirus would be off-putting. Well, I was wrong.

The wine mothers did not lead the revolt against Trumpism. Wine Moms haven’t given up on Trump despite revelations of the fallout from two of his sexual partners in his first campaign, the expiration of the violence against women law, 860,000 women exiting the workforce, the Trump’s ruthless indifference to the carnage caused by the pandemic, and his botched handling of it that produced said carnage. No, 55% of white women still voted for the guy who separated 5,400 children from their parents at the border, according to the polls at the end of the polls, which should always be taken with a grain of salt – a 2 points improvement for Trump on his 2016 performance. And so I ask my white compatriots: What the hell is this?

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