Wisconsin is a COVID disorder. This is how our college has stayed open.

Like millions of Americans, we students have seen our lives turned upside down by COVID-19. As we planned to return to our university campus this summer, the bigger question was: how do we take advantage of the social aspect of the university during a global pandemic?

Over the past few months, we’ve seen many colleges take a strict approach to getting students to follow the rules and mitigate the risk of epidemics on campus, like suspending students to attend a party or ignoring COVID guarantees- 19. But it’s hard to expect us to come back to campus, be locked in our rooms, and not talk to anyone or socialize at all. And punishing college kids for socializing can be harmful and ineffective.

We tried to do things differently at Beloit College, a liberal arts school in Wisconsin. And while our state is a coronavirus hotspot, we have (so far) avoided disaster.

Our faculty and administration realized they didn’t experience campus life the same as students, and telling students not to party or ban everything wouldn’t be safe – nor realistic. Instead, it would lead to gatherings that would be top secret, unregulated, and likely take place indoors, without masks.

They understood that students needed to be part of the process to help redefine expectations on campus. This is where we came in.

Starting in June, the two of us, as leaders of the Beloit Student Government, and a group of other students got down to business. We had honest conversations about how and where people would have social gatherings and parties, rather than pretending it didn’t happen at all.

The group included student representatives from various aspects of campus life – including Greek life, athletics, resident assistants, clubs and more – to help ensure a trickle down effect for all members of our body. student.

The result was a statement of student culture, along with an addendum with detailed behavioral expectations for campus life. It describes how we, as students, can mitigate the risk of COVID-19 while continuing to organize gatherings, participate in activities, drink, travel and even go out together.

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