With Pardon, Paul Manafort gets his reward for saving Donald Trump from special advocate Robert Mueller

Pardonpalooza continued on Wednesday, with President Trump granting clemency to his former campaign adviser Roger Stone, his son-in-law’s father Charles Kushner and his former campaign manager Paul Manafort, reporting that he is now working to protect people himself. closer to his inner circle.

And in Paul Manafort’s case, Trump is helping himself too: Manafort, after all, was the linchpin of Russia’s 2016 election interference efforts and its refusal to cooperate with the Special Adviser’s investigation into the The same – at a high price to him – is what kept full details of the Trump campaign’s collusion with Russia from being revealed.

To understand why Manafort’s silence was so critical for Trump, it helps to remember Manafort’s background and activities during his short-lived role in the Trump campaign. When Manafort arrived at the campaign gate in March 2016, he happened to be in debt of $ 19 million to a Russian oligarch, Oleg Deripaska. The debt arose out of the work Manafort had previously done in Ukraine as a consultant for the pro-Russian Party of Regions. Notably, despite a difficult financial situation, Manafort offered to work for free for the Trump campaign. Early in his tenure as Trump’s campaign manager, Manafort wrote to his partner, Konstantin Kilimnik, a Russian-Ukrainian political consultant referred to by the Senate Intelligence Committee as a “Russian intelligence officer”, asking him how he could use his position to ”With Deripaska and offering to provide the oligarch with private briefings on the campaign.

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