Woman who voted for Trump in Texas was shocked to find her ballot record in California – Dateway

A woman who says she voted in person for President Trump in Texas was shocked to find voter records showed she also voted in Orange County, Calif., By mail.

The woman authorized the disclosure of her name and is happy to speak to law enforcement or Trump campaign lawyers involved in the ongoing dispute.

Amanda Murphy moved from California to Texas a year ago and voted for Trump in the .

However, when she checked the lists on the site, it showed that Murphy had been registered as a “permanent mail-in voter” in Orange County with a Democratic Party preference and that she had received a ballot. October 5.


Records also show that this ballot was received and accepted in Orange County on November 3, despite the woman not voting in California.


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Murphy says she has never voted by mail in her life and that the last time she voted in California was in 2012 for Barack Obama.

Screenshots from the site corroborate Murphy’s claims.

The Trump administration is currently pursuing prosecutions in a number of states in an attempt to investigate allegations of voter fraud in many key states.



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