Woman’s Facebook Fact-Checks Post About Adverse Vaccine Effects One Week Before It Kills Her

Desiree Penrod, a 25-year-old preschool teacher, took the Covid vaccine in early March. She then posted on Facebook that “Vaccine is killing me” describing her adverse reaction to the coronavirus vaccine.
Facebook reported the post as news.
Desiree died a week later.

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Infowars reported:

“The vaccine is killing me today,” the preschool teacher wrote in her last post on March 10.

“My arm hurts, beyond exhaustion, headaches, stomach cramps and earaches. Several people have told me that I look pale today. Yesterday I was fine, but today it is taking its toll on me.

In a disturbing move, Facebook added a fact-checking tag to Penrod’s post citing the World Health Organization backed by the Chinese Communists.

“Covid-19 vaccines go through a lot of safety and efficacy testing before they are approved,” the label says, asking people “to find out more about”

An obituary from the Gagnon and Costello Funeral Home indicates that Penrod “passed away suddenly” on March 17th.

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