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People with a “ chip under their skin ” will have an “ advantage ” in finding work by 2035, according to Microsoft’s partner company, Citrix.

On the 9/10/2020 broadcast, David Knight reported: “Microsoft has many companies under its control or in partnership with them. They have NewsGuard that they use to tell people to only listen to Fox, CNN, MSNBC, and not to check Infowars or any other independent media. “

“ElectionGuard is another Microsoft company. ElectionGuard has a client, funding source and investor, DARPA. ElectionGuard is going to protect the integrity of the election if you believe it, ”Knight said.

Today, Microsoft announced that it will allow employees to work from home all the time. “Microsoft first said you could go back to work voluntarily, then they said they wouldn’t open until at least January 2021. Now they say they will let you stay at home permanently if you want to. , soon that will be the only option. “

Citrix, a Microsoft partner, is a company like Zoom but which focuses on remote work. It’s a $ 3 billion company with a net profit of $ 629 million.

“Citrix made an interesting statement – they say that by 2035, workers who have a chip implanted will have a ‘labor market advantage’. So, as Microsoft says it will let you work from home forever, its partner Citrix, which provides a digital workplace, says, “If you have a chip implanted, you will have an advantage,” said Knight.

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“Even if you stay locked in your 200 square foot apartment at home, you still have to have that chip. As the New England Journal of Medicine said about vaccines, they will go through employers to enforce that. If you don’t get your microchip and vaccine, you won’t even have a job from home. Gates covered that angle as well.

“Citrix says that about 48% of professionals would be willing to have a chip implanted in their body if it drastically improved their performance and ‘pay’. It’s more like their count, take a number or they won’t talk to you.

Knight concluded: “It’s like the number [national ID number Aadhaar] they force people to have it in India. Get all of your health care through one source, the government, and if you don’t have that number, you don’t get health care. But it is “voluntary” of course. Just as it will be. “

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