World Economic Forum encourages Plebs to eat weeds and drink sewage – Dateway

The World Economic Forum published two articles on its website that explored how people could be conditioned to get used to the idea of ​​eating weeds, insects and drinking sewage in order to reduce CO2 emissions.

Yes really.

“Finding new plant-based foods is increasingly urgent as the world’s population is expected to increase by two billion over the next 30 years,” says an article by Douglas Broom published on the official WEF site

“While raising animals for meat generates 14.5% of the world’s total greenhouse gas emissions, weeds capture carbon from the atmosphere and can therefore help control climate change. . “

According to Broom, “weeds can be nutritious and tasty” and are easy to grow.

The article fails to explain why weeds such as dandelion leaves, given that they are so ubiquitous, have not already become a staple in Western diets.

“The next time a beggar walks up to your car at a red light, show them the tasty and nutritious weeds growing through the cracks in the sidewalk and say, ‘Bon appétit! writes Dave Blount.

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A separate article also published on the WEF website examines how people can be conditioned to enjoy consuming “food” that at first glance seems disgusting.

“Responses involving culturally conditioned ideas of what is ‘natural’ can be altered over time,” the article states, before questioning why there is a repulsion against “insect foods” and “Beverages containing ingredients recovered from wastewater”.

The author concludes that “desensitization (repeated exposure)” may be effective in “reducing disgust (in relation to fear)” among the “general population”.

Perhaps the WEF will be satisfied when we are all forced to eat the bark and roots of trees, food sources that the starving peasants of Stalinist Ukraine were reduced to consuming during the Holodomor.

And that’s the point.

The “ big reset ” is to adopt a drastic reduction in the plebs ‘standard of living, which will force them to put bugs, weeds and sewage on the menu as Davos’ elites continue to feast on the best cuisine in their ivory towers.



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