WOW! Australian Media Features Joe Biden Dementia Segment! – Something the toxic American media is still lying about

Australian journalist Cory bernardi is the first mainstream host to report on Joe Biden’s Obvious Dementia which is obvious to anyone paying attention. No one in the liberal American media is strong enough to point this out – President Biden is having lunch. He is in an increasing phase of cognitive decline.

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Bernardi shared this Friday: “Such was the hatred of Donald Trump by the partisan and venomous mainstream media that they chose not to highlight anything that could have derailed a Biden victory. Even now, after taking the oath, many still refuse to tell the truth.

Via Populist Press:

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SKY News reported:

It is clear that US President Joe Biden is not up to the task to which he has been “sworn in”, according to Sky News host Cory Bernardi.

“Never before has the leader of the free world been so cognitively compromised,” said Bernardi.

“It’s at least clear to me that US President Joe Biden is struggling with dementia and is clearly not up to the task to which he was sworn in.

Mr Bernardi said this was something that was “obvious” during the election campaign, but the mainstream “partisan and toxic” media chose not to highlight anything that could “have derailed a Biden victory.”

“Even now, after he’s been sworn in, a lot of them still refuse to tell the truth about Biden’s lack of ability.

Joe Biden recently appeared to make his debut as the “sanitized” presidential mayor, in which the new president “quickly gave his teleprompter”.

“The result was nothing short of a disaster … it was littered with utter lies,” Bernardi said.

“This is all pretty pathetic, but even generally intelligent people are blinded by the nonsense broadcast by the mainstream media. They believe every perceived sin of Donald Trump as they seem determined to canonize Saint Joe.

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