WTF wrong with Kyrsten Sinema?

Bad enough, Senator Kyrsten Sinema, Democrat from Arizona, refused minimum wage hike with that cute thumb. Now she threatens to derail entire Democratic agenda, insisting on archaic rules that give Mitch McConnell and Republicans inordinate power.

“I think a lot of people think this groovy, bisexual senator should vote groovy and not like a conservative,” Molly Jong-Fast said in last episode of new abnormal.

“Do you see a world in which Democrats can engage her in filibuster reform?” she asks veteran Jentleson.

“I really think so,” Jentleson replies. “I think she miscalculated a bit. I don’t think she can afford to be as far to right as she is now. same [centrist West Virginia Sen. Joe] Manchin has started to a bit. And so, she’s kinda on a branch.

“Joe Manchin can say: ‘I am the only Democrat who can occupy this seat, it is me or a Republican’ … and it is valid,” adds Jentleson. “It’s usually a pretty reliable vote for most of the things we want to pass. He can be very frustrating, but it’s literally him or a Republican… Sinema can’t say that she’s the only Democrat who can hold this seat. There are other credible Democrats who could run for a primary and win the general election.

Arizona Democratic Senator from Sinema, Senator Mark Kelly, will be re-elected in just two years. “For him to win, he has to accomplish a lot. He needs to be able to speak to the voters and say, ‘This is what we did,’ ”Jentleson adds. “And so I don’t think Sinema can tell Mark Kelly to go jump off a bridge … It’s just untenable to say, ‘I’m going to stand in the way of whatever Democrats want to do because of my love. for systematic obstruction ‘in a purple state. I don’t think that’s a long-term sustainable position.

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