WTH? RINO Dan Crenshaw congratulates Liz Cheney on voting to impeach President Trump for complete lies – Roast on Twitter

Liz Cheney led ten House Republicans who voted Wednesday to impeach President Trump.

As previously reported, the vote was 232-197.

The US House has just impeached President Trump for calling for “inciting an armed insurgency” which he never called for and which was never armed.

Liz Cheney defended her “I’m not going anywhere,” she told me at the Capitol. “It’s a vote of conscience. This is one of the points of view of our conference. But our nation is facing a constitutional crisis unprecedented since the Civil War. This is what we need to focus on. This is where our effort and attention should be. “

TREND: House accuses President Trump with 232-197 vote – 10 Republicans join Democrats in vote for impeachment

Later that day, RINO Representative Dan Crenshaw congratulated Liz Cheney on her vote to impeach President Trump.

Are you talking about the end of your career?

It was not a wise move for Rep. Crenshaw. His career is almost over.

Crenshaw was completely destroyed in the comments.

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