Wyoming GOP angry with Governor Mark Gordon for finally commissioning masks

Until this week, the Republican governor of Wyoming had taken a fairly light approach to restrictions despite his state’s recent struggle with the coronavirus pandemic.

Governor Mark Gordon had avoided making a statewide mask mandate for the general public, although some restrictions remain in places like restaurants and cinemas. But even that was too much for GOP loyalists in the Western state. Amid the relatively lax restrictions, the Wyoming Republican Party state central committee passed a resolution in November urging the governor to “immediately cancel” the state of emergency he signed in March.

Instead of going down the path his party wanted, Gordon this week adopted a new set of measures. He finally announced a statewide order for masks in Wyoming and other restrictions after calls from health experts for stronger action on face covers.

For Christine Porter, the Wyoming Excellence Chair in Community and Public Health at the University of Wyoming, he showed the governor was going in the right direction “although he is forced to do so in an environment where people are systematically misinformed about science, leading them to make misinformed recommendations. “

Yet, she says, it could have happened sooner.

“It would have been a lot more effective and useful earlier, but it will still avoid damaging our lives and livelihoods, so it’s better late than never,” Porter told The Daily Beast.

Elsewhere in the state, the actions, which came in the form of orders signed by state health worker Dr. Alexia Harrist, were met with discontent from some local Wyoming Republicans..

Karl Allred, a Wyoming GOP state official in Uinta County, said Republicans are “very angry with [Gordon]. “

“He’s pushing these mandates when the clear majority of people here in the state don’t believe in masks, they don’t want them,” said Allred, who said he would not follow the New Mask Order and said falsely stated that the masks did. does not work because he described Gordon as “acting more like a dictator than an elected governor”.

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