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A Yale psychiatrist with a history of anti-Trump rhetoric tried to make a serious case on Twitter that Donald Trump is worse than Adolf Hitler, before deleting his tweet.

Bandy Xenobia Lee calls herself an “expert in preventing violence in the world,” but she seriously seems to think that Trump poses a greater threat than one of the worst dictators in human history.

β€œDonald Trump is not an Adolf Hitler,” Lee tweeted. β€œAt least Hitler was improving the daily lives of his supporters, had discipline and demanded more of himself to gain the respect of his supporters. Even with the same pathology, there are different degrees of competence.

Desperately backslid, Lee was forced to delete the tweet and issue a meager apology.

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Lee’s outburst is ironic given that she has repeatedly asserted that Trump is mentally unstable but clearly suffers from Trump’s Disturbance Syndrome herself.

Respondents weighed in with their opinions on Lee’s bizarre tweet.

β€œThe doctor has the worst case of TDS I have ever seen. Sick stuff, ”one said.

“You would think the [checks notes] The president of the World Coalition for Mental Health wouldn’t be completely crazy. And yet we are there, ”remarked another.

β€œIntellectuals these days. I have to love them, ”added another.



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