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There is no doubt that President Trump can lead the flow of conversations on social media with nothing more than a statement from him.

He did so throughout his tenure as president.

Now he says he was the trigger for a Google search trend, “Can I change my vote?”

In some cases the answer is yes.

It depends on the voting requirements and procedures of the particular state.

Fox News pointed out on Tuesday that some 60 million people had already voted for next Tuesday’s election.

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The report says research on “can I change my vote” peaked on Tuesday.

“One of the sub-regions where the phrase started trending at one point was in Delaware, Democratic candidate for state president Joe Biden, represented in the Senate for 36 years,” said Fox. “Other sub-regions included battlefield states such as Maine, Pennsylvania, Florida, Ohio, Michigan, North Carolina, Iowa, Wisconsin and Arizona, according to the Trend data at various times throughout Tuesday morning. “

Talk radio host Rush Limbaugh lamented the fact that so many people have already voted, as he believes sometimes influential developments in an election only happen late in the campaign.

He cited new evidence of Joe Biden’s influence peddling in his son Hunter’s business dealings.

Limbaugh said some speculate that the millions who voted early were eager to express their hatred of President Trump.

“I asked myself why is this conventional wisdom? Why couldn’t it be so easy that there are billions of Trump people who are fed up and had been fed up for four years with the heinous attempt to assassinate him? They carried out a coup operation that is part of a smaller subset of the general political assassination they have attempted against Donald Trump over the past four years and even five, if you want to include 2016 , the year of the campaign. It was a real political assassination attempt, ”Limbaugh said.

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