‘You won’t own anything, and you’ll be happy’: warnings from the great ‘Orwellian’ reset

A terrifying coalition of big business and big tech is so confident and cheeky that it promises the public “you will own nothing and you will be happy” in an ad campaign for a global reset, according to Sky News host Rowan Dean . “What they should have added is that ‘we, the very rich, will own everything and be even happier’,” he said. The Big Reset is a proposal by the World Economic Forum for a new globalized tax system that would allow the world to effectively tackle the so-called climate crisis. Mr Dean said the plan intended to use the “tools of oppression” implemented during the pandemic, such as lockdowns and forced closings of businesses as well as other measures destroying human rights. private property, to fight the coronavirus for “I already talked about the insidious Build Back Better phrase that sounds like common sense, but is actually just one of many slogans for the Big Reset, another being the Orwellian expression of the fourth industrial revolution ”. a threat as grave and dangerous to our prosperity and freedom as we have faced for decades. Mr. Dean warned viewers to think again if they thought it was just “Rowan’s old fool with his conspiracy theories.” “This waste is already deeply ingrained in our state and federal governments.” .
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