Young boy sobs after liberal Santa refuses to give him a Nerf gun for Christmas – Dateway

An Anti-Gun Mall Santa Claus turned down a boy’s Christmas wish to receive a Nerf gun for Christmas, sending the boy back in tears.

“No, no weapons,” Santa Claus told the youngster.

His mother made it clear that her son wanted a Hasbro Nerf gun, to which Santa Claus replied, “not even a Nerf gun.”

The young boy, baffled by liberal Santa Claus refusing to grant his Christmas wish, begins to cry before his mother takes him away.

Notably, a Nerf gun fires soft foam darts, unlike the Red Ryder BB gun that Ralphie wanted in the 1983 film, “A Christmas Story.”

The war on the Second Amendment has grown so deep that even a mall Santa Claus feels he needs to make a virtue signal against toy guns to show the Liberals he’s a good person.

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But even that is not enough for liberals in this era of COVID, where Democratic leaders are calling on Americans to cancel Christmas altogether.

Citing a “lack of hope,” even the smallest of cities has adopted a dystopian new method of celebrating the holidays while complying with UN-led mandates like social distancing and of course, masks.

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Liberal Santa makes child cry by refusing to give him a Nerf gun for Christmas – Dateway

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