You’re either with Trump or with the ‘disgusting ruling class’ – Dateway

Tucker Carlson made a passionate plea on Monday night for his viewers to vote for President Trump to fight back against the “ disgusting ruling class ” that thinks they can run America.

Comparing Trump’s last large gatherings in Pennsylvania to “a Pope’s visit,” Carlson noted that “no one in Washington, New York or Los Angeles has said anything” about the people of those states when they are having a hard time. arrived. No one except Trump.

Carlson noted that the people of Central America love Trump despite the constant media propaganda that he is “the baddest man who ever lived”, believing that it is “because no one else loves them. “.

“The country they built, the country of their ancestors fought for hundreds of years left them to die in their old-fashioned little towns mocked and despised by sneering minds with finance degrees, but no real skills, which seem direct everything. all of a sudden, ”Carlson insisted.

“Whatever Donald Trump’s faults are, he is better than the officials,” he continued, adding that if the elite had “done a decent halfway job with the country they inherited, if she cared about anything other than them even for a moment, Donald Trump would still be the host Celebrity apprentice, but they didn’t.

Carlson further stated that the elitists have been shown to be “incompetent and narcissistic and cruel and ruthlessly dishonest.”

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“They destroyed what they didn’t build, they lied about it. They hurt anyone who told the truth about what they were doing, ”Tucker proclaimed.

The host concluded by noting that “America is still the great country, the best in the world, but our ruling class is disgusting. A vote for Trump is a vote against them.

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