Zojirushi vacuum insulated coffee mug keeps coffee hotter for longer

To borrow a from a timeless song, hot drinks really get me moving. If my coffee isn’t piping hot i.e. it’s still almost boiling a few moments before my first sip, I’m not having a good morning, coffee that gets cold before I can finish is all just offensive. After years of reheating half-full cups of lukewarm java, I heard my boyfriend’s suggestion to try a Zojirushi travel mug. On my first morning with my Zoj ‘, I knew all other coffee containers were ruined for me.

Also known for their rice cookers, Zojirushi sous vide mugs are the unassuming neighbor of the Yetis and S’wells of the world. They’re understated, available in a wide variety of colors and lids (my personal preference is matte black with a flip-up lid) – and they keep drinks insanely hot for hours. While my morning coffee never lasts that , I tested the true powers of Zojirushi on numerous bouldering trips in late fall, when a very hot dose of caffeine is crucial in building second half of the day. Even if it’s brewed at 7 a.m., my track coffee will, without fail, still be steaming by the time I flip this lid at 2 p.m. (to go into detail, the brand claims to keep the drinks at a comfortable temperature. of 154 degrees Fahrenheit after six hours of storage.)

My only complaint is that in order to achieve this level of temperature retention, Zojirushi’s lids feature around a million rubber gaskets. These doohickeys keep the insides of cups airtight, but they’re a bit of a pain to clean, let alone disassemble from the rest of the lid (and they should be totally dry before putting them back on). That said, which equates to 20 minutes of moderately boring work, it’s a small price to pay for coffee that almost burns my mouth.

While hot drinks are my passion, my boyfriend uses his Zojirushi (also black but with a screw cap) for a cold brew – and has a charming habit of leaving it out, half drunk, overnight. Not only is the coffee still fresh at sunrise, the ice cubes are still intact. I could judge you for choosing cold coffee over hot stuff, but Zojirushi doesn’t discriminate. It will magically keep your drink at its right temperature for a time and for me that is really the best part of waking up.

Zojirushi Stainless Steel Mug

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